Some scientific studies

Some scientific studies

Some scientific studies proving that OEMA are a real danger to the health of humans, animals and all living species.

  1. Generation Zapped, a documentary discussing infertility, cancers and potential serious health risks associated with the use of wireless technologies and the impact of OEMA.  

  2. Peer-reviewed National Institutes of Health (NIH) final reports that confirm evidence of an association between cell phone radiation and heart and brain cancers in a large-scale animal study. here.


  3. Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low intensity radiofrequency radiation. here.


  4. Peer-reviewed studies proving that REM (electromagnetic radiation) is harmful to humans. here.


  5. Study published in the journal Epidemiology by researchers who found a 25% increase in emotional problems, 34% in peer relationship problems, 35% in hyperactivity and 49% in behavioral problems in children whose mother used the mobile phone during pregnancy, compared to those who did not. here.


  6. Dr. Martin Pall of Washington State University has published a number of articles on the mechanisms by which OEMAs inflict damage on plants, animals, and humans. He concluded that OEMAs damage voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), allowing calcium to flood into cells. This triggers a biochemical cascade resulting in massive numbers of free radicals that damage cell membranes and mitochondria, break DNA, accelerate aging and increase the risk of chronic disease. here.


  7. Studies showing that since 1990 we have seen an explosion of autoimmune, neurological and metabolic diseases. Alzheimer's disease increased by 299%, depression by 280% and chronic fatigue by 11027%. here.


A few studies confirming that carbon 60 is beneficial against OEMA and has many characteristics that have an effect on overall health.

  1. Protective effects of carbon 60 (shungite) during electromagnetic irradiation. here.
  2. Power of the antioxidants contained in Carbon 60. here.
  3. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of carbon 60 (shungite) against skin damage induced by ultraviolet B irradiation. here.
  4. Electromagnetic Pollution Solution by Valerie J. Burke. here.
  5. This Nobel Prize-winning molecule might just be the best thing for anti-aging here.
  6. What is Carbon 60 (shungite) and does it have healing properties? here.
  7. European study reveals that carbon in Shungite can remove radioactive compounds from water. here.
  8. Paris scientists demonstrate impact on longevity here.
  9. Protective effects of fullerene nanoparticles c60 and virgin olive oil against cyclophosphamide-induced genotoxicity in rats Click here
  10. Carbon 60 (shungite) shielding properties confirmed by Russian Federation and US patents. The US patent. No. 6818821. here.
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