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OYO - Blue/gray (child)
Joanne Pelletier
gift from grandma and grandpa

The virtues are perfect to support my granddaughter, it is very beautiful and the service is impeccable.

Grounded and vitality

Very satisfied with the aesthetics, the quality and the size is perfect for my small wrist

OYO - Rose Quartz (child)
Joanne Pelletier
gift from grandma and grandpa

It is beautiful and perfect for my granddaughter and the service is second to none.

Strength kit

Does my moment very well for me

Leo - Cold & Flu

Jadort it feels good throat

Very happy with these products

I am absolutely delighted, I use them every day with great pleasure, for myself as well as for my treatment clients. Thank you infinitely! :D

BIA Ritual Kit - Strength & Courage

Elixir C60 ELITE
Marie Lise Godbout

I am happy to receive it, it is waiting for the sun, but I hope that these stones will have an effect on the blood because of the consequences of the vaccines

Deodorant C60
Guylaine Tremblay

I love this product…thank you!

Elixir C60 ELITE
joel payer

Elixir C60 ELITE

Amaya - Female Hormone
Priscilla Morel

It was a gift so I don't know, I haven't tried it

Harmonizer Duo
France Ouellet

I liked them even though they are heavy. And as I learn to use them, do you have any more detailed suggestions, a short practical guide? Thanks in advance
I love them !

Serum Vie
Excellent balm!

I like its smell and its texture and the effect on my face

I love them a lot

So far I can't say that I feel any effect. But, I've only been wearing them for a week. When I go to bed, as I place my phone on the bedside table, I place my bracelets on it. I wish they were slightly smaller. It would be really great if you could offer different sizes.

Element - EARTH 8mm
Sylvie Audet
Nice bracelet!

Beautifully made, comfortable and pretty!


Love the size and the feeling on the skin

I love the cushion, whether for meditation, a moment of relaxation or even for energy treatments, it's a tool that I wouldn't do without! What can I say about the service and availability of the team! Thank you beautiful souls!

Mineral Pod Duo
Sylvie Audet
Invisible barrier

Very good, not too thick for a good installation!

Beautiful duo!

Very good! The stone is beautiful and the oil smells so good! The only small downside is that I did not receive the small storage bag for the guasha with my duo..

OYO - SOUL Ankle
linda gregoire
beautiful product made with love

Such a beautiful product. Made with love and attention to detail. I love my ankle bracelet

Elixir C60 ELITE
Gaetane Avoine

I like it but the water has a slightly sweet taste even if it is very soft. It also makes you want to drink more

The Energizer Kit
Michelle Cadieux
Trilogy and elixir

Carbon Living, wow, very attentive, very good service, on the other hand for the efficiency of the C60, I don't know, probably not long enough that I use them...

Carbon drizzle. -FAY
Sonia Sonier
I love

I love the Carbon FAY mist, it smells like heaven!!!

Absolute C60
Marie-Andree Poulin

Unfortunately I was not able to use it, my friend dropped it and broke so I used it twice, both times I really liked it, I would recommend it when I have money

Deodorant C60
I'm interested in the deodorant, it must be good to wear it directly under your arms all day

No reviews Esque can I order the deodorant please