• Optimize your energy level

    The active element in Carbon Living products is fullerene.

    Also called Carbon 60 (CXNUMX).

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  • A super antioxidant

    The (or C60) act like adaptogens in the body, working systematically at the cellular level.

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  • Optimize your vital field

    According to studies conducted by Regina Martino, a bioenergetics researcher, shungite, more than any other stone, is able to realign the chakras and optimize the vital field

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Some links that scientifically support our claims

  • Oxidative stress

    The waves produced artificially by technologies release digital toxins (free radicals) which interfere with the EMFs naturally produced by the human body. Continue reading

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  • Biochemical cascade

    EMFs have been shown to cause severe mitochondrial dysfunction due to free-radical damage. Continue reading

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  • Chronic diseases

    Chronic disease rates are skyrocketing. Since 1990, we have witnessed an explosion of autoimmune diseases, neurological and metabolic diseases. Alzheimer's disease increased by 299 percent, depression by 280 percent, and chronic fatigue by a staggering 11027 percent. Continue reading

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    Thanks to the Roca Peace, Dyan's 18-month-old daughter sleeps for the first time.

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  • Psoriasis

    Thanks to Shea butter, cocoa & C60, Benoit's hands healed in 2 weeks.

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  • Energy

    Thanks to her OYO-Soul Bracelet's Trilogy, Anita no longer has afternoon headaches while working and her energy is more sustained.