Efficient Leader acceleration cell

in co-development to explore the richness of your uniqueness thanks to your hologenetic profile*

Capitalize on your high frequency

Thanks to your hologenetic profile* [based on the Genetic Keys] and the strength of the group, you bring into awareness your innate talents to tame your shadows [blind spots] and to leave emerge your wisdom.

The objective is to improve your relationships et to increase your prosperity.

In short... Simplify your life!

  • Group strength

    11 (VIP) + 2 (guests)

    in co-development over 14 weeks

    to play with the 11 genetic keys

    of our respective profiles.

    The group thus promotes

    exchanges and interactions

    powerful and transformative.

    Boost your 3 sequences!

  • 3 synergy stays

    13 Leaders reunited (Wed. to Fri.)

    in a suitable place

    to accelerate awareness

    and raise your frequencies.

    Time slots adapted to your professional activities (teleworking) are planned in order to stay connected

    and integrated it all into your daily life.

  • On-demand support

    During the 14 weeks,

    you have access to support

    according to your profile.

    You can reserve your virtual time slots

    at your convenience.

    And if you want to experience an immersion,

    you can even treat yourself to one

    ''48 hours tailor-made''.

Join our Leader Efficient VIP program and optimize your communications

Designed for professionals, this co-development acceleration unit allows you to explore your uniqueness in order to better communicate and maintain thriving relationships while powerfully activating your prosperity.

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Capitalize on your innate talents, your uniqueness

  • Discover a whole new way to own who you really are.
  • Make your hologenetic profile* here
  • Join Leader Efficient to integrate it easily into your daily life.

More impact in everything you do

  • By being more aligned with your essence, you are able to Be, express yourself and act efficiently.
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Create more prosperity

  • Prosperity is the sum of the accuracy of your alignment and the quality of your relationships.
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