Here are some of the products that have helped me transform my life!

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Before having the C60 natural in my life, I had insomnia almost every night.

Mon sleep is now a lot more restorative. I wake up the next day re-energized and ready for my day!

Here are 3 CXNUMX-tools that have helped me transform my sleep.

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  • C60 Sphere Duo

    I take the Spheres C60 in each of my hands a few minutes before bedtime: it allows me to drop me and circulate the energy.

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  • Roca Peace

    Nikola Tesla said, more than 100 years ago: everything is frequency, energy and vibrations!

    Natural C60 represents this concept very well. Its frequency is very high.

    I place the Roca Peace next to my bed and it has helped my sleep to be more restorative.

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  • Harmonizer Duo

    I use the Harmonizer Duo for 2 very distinct reasons.

    1- In the evening, in my bed, either with the Harmonizer Duo or the Sphere Duo, I settle down and it allows me to be more relaxed and ready to spend beautiful refreshing night.

    2- For my meditations, I suggest you see below the Meditation section

    What is an Harmonizer Duo? 


Our body are constantly bombarded by different stimuli. Natural C60 helps me maintain a optimal energy level.

I havesustained energy all day and I no longer have an energy crash in the afternoon and evening (my relatives sometimes tell me that I have way too much haha).

Despite the fact that the choice was not easy, here are 3 products that helps me improve my energy the most!

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  • OYO-M. Necklace (long)

    Just putting it around my neck and presto! I already feel his energy!

    This OYO-M collection. is designed with 2 types of meteor stones which vibrates at high frequencies. 

    I also get lots of compliments wearing it! :-)

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  • C60 Sphere Duo

    In the afternoon, I put them under each of my feet while working at the computer : Since that time, I no longer have an energy crash.

    Plus, I'm getting a little massage at the same time :-)

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  • Matcha & C60

    I love my Matcha & C60; I wouldn't do without it!

    I sip one in the morning and another in the afternoon: it gives me a sustained energy all day.

    C60 comes to "boost" all its antioxidant benefits and also ensures more optimal cell regeneration!

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At Christmas 2020, I created a line of skin care products made out natural C60, because I wanted to please my family, my daughters and my friends.

Through a ritual of love intentions, I concocted a line of organic and vegan products for them.

And thanks to essential oils, the skincare routine incorporatesaromatherapy in order to allow the women I love to "travel with their senses" and thus appreciate and find themselves even more beautiful! :-)

During my meditations and my visualization exercises, I manage to reach a meditative state faster than before and in a considerably more grounded way..

My intuition is increased tenfold and I receive/hear much more easily.

The Harmonizer Duo & the OYO-Soul Trilogy help me achieve this!


My health is much more vibrant in general. I have energy to spare 😊, I wake up energized and I'm able to focus much more easily on the stuff I'm doing.

For me, health and beauty starts from the inside out!

I can sincerely say that the C60 optimizes my life and the different facets that make it up!

I invite you to listen to the video ☝️ right here!