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In 2020 (and even today), I spent almost every day in front of a screen. I felt stressed, I had trouble concentrating and I wasn’t sleeping well—until I "coincidentally" discovered the benefits of natural C60 in a stone called “shungite,” as if life wanted to send me a message! After that, my life changed completely. For Christmas in 2020, I created C60-based skin care products for my family and friends. I was thrilled to find out they all loved them, and even shared them with their friends. In fact, they loved them so much that they asked me for more! This was how I created Carbon Living, a company dedicated to helping others through what I consider to be a very powerful gift from nature!

Some links that scientifically support our claims

  • The Energizer Kit

    This set is designed to help boost your energy level.


    - 1x Elixir C60 (300g) to purify and energize your water;

    - 1x OYO Trilogy (3 bracelets) to stand out and optimize your energy;

    I want to learn more! 
  • The Radiant Kit

    This set is designed to take care of your body's largest organ: your skin, which makes up 16% of who you are physically!

    Do yourself good on the outside as well as on the inside.


    - A complete daily skincare routine including:

    * 1x Zira Makeup Remover

    * 1x Cleansing Lotion

    * 1x Invigorating Tonic

    * 1x Absolute C60 (roll on)

    * 1x Life Serum

    * 1x Sensitive Skin Cream

    - 1x Japanese Ceremonial Matcha & C60 (to sustain your energy throughout the day and contribute to radiant health from within).

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  • The Connected Kit

    This set is designed to harmonize your energy fields and thus anchor you more in addition to supporting your energy.


    - 1x Harmonizer Duo

    - 1x High Frequency Hydrating Mist

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You’re thinking it’s too good to be true and you’re wondering how it’s possible?

Contained réductible

The answer lies in a Nobel Prize-winning molecule.

Everything we do at Carbon Living is science-based, high-frequency and high-energy.

For example, the velocity (speed at which a molecule moves) of C60 is incredibly fast and creates a vortex, giving C60 all its power.

Moreover, C60 contains 60 carbon atoms, hence the name “Carbon 60” (or “C60” to people in the know).

The healing properties of shungite, a stone in which the natural molecules of C60 (or fullerenes), were first examined by Ukrainian scientist Grigory Andievsky. He came to the conclusion that fullerenes act as adaptogens in the body, working consistently at the cellular level. 

According to bioenergy expert Regina Martino:

“Thanks to its soccer-ball shape [football for our European friends], a molecule of natural fullerene attracts free radicals that end up stuck to it, covering its entire surface. Having numerous free radicals side by side on a fullerene base leads to their molecular transformation into a neutral compound. At the same time, a fullerene does not lose its molecular composition and continues to attract free radicals.”

R Martino, “Shungite: protection, healing, and detoxification, Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press, 2014

In her book, Regina Martino describes a study by the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences involving volunteer cancer patients. Blood tests of patients in the shungite-exposed water drinking group returned to normal within two to three weeks of radiation therapy, while the control group took three to four months to achieve the same results.

She also describes that a study carried out at the Grigoriev Institute of Medical Radiology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine exposed rats to radiation. Rats given shungite water for 15 days showed a 95% survival rate, compared to 63% for the control group given no shungite water. Click here

And just like the soccer ball, the molecule is hollow, creating a vortex that attracts free radicals. Everything that passes near it gets sucked in! If there were an award for free radical sponges, it would take top honours.

If you’re interested in what you’ve just read, we also have a section on “What is a free radical?” below.

What is a free radical?

A free radical is an unstable molecule that is missing at least one electron, causing a chain reaction in the body.

If you want to know what these impacts are, click on the next section.

What are the negative impacts of free radicals on my body?

** Oxidation of cells (like rust on a car);

** Inflammation in the body;

** Acceleration of cellular aging;

** Negative chain assignment of healthy cells.

Where do free radicals come from?

Free radicals mainly come from tobacco, alcohol, pollution, excess sun exposure and, of course, electronic and wireless devices.

How can C60 help me?

Here are some results from Regina Martino’s research on the “vital field.”

Bioenergy expert Regina Martino has been experimenting with shungite since 2006.

She studies the impact of natural objects, such as minerals and crystals, on the energetic bodies of living beings, including our subtle energy centers, which are also called “chakras.” She defines bioenergetics as a science that studies these “vital fields.”

Energetic fields flow out of our body like ripples on the surface of a pond. In most people, the vital field extends approximately five to eight feet outside the body. Our vital fields are almost immediately affected by any change in our internal or external environment, including food, water, toxic exposures, emotions, lifestyle, and overall health.

A constant disturbance can reduce the vital field and lead to physical or emotional illness.

Chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation is one of these disturbances. Many people are unaware of the negative effects of EMFs on their bodies until they aren’t exposed to them for a certain period of time.

In repeated experiments, Martino was able to measure the effects of shungite and hundreds of other minerals on human vital fields. She has developed a highly reliable and reproducible method to measure these energy fluctuations.

She discovered that the shungite, more than any other stone, is capable of realigning the chakras and optimizing the vital field. Essentially, the shungite transforms AEMFs (artificial electromagnetic waves) into biologically compatible frequencies, thus neutralizing their negative impacts.

Shungite doesn’t eliminate harmful radiation, but transforms it by modifying its properties to make it biocompatible with the human body, whether it’s in direct contact with your body or simply near it.

In particular, shungite dramatically increases the energy in the first chakra, also called the “Root Chakra,” which helps us feel grounded and rooted.  

The density of our energy (here, density is a good thing!) is directly related to the strength of the first chakra. When our energy density is low, we feel tired and worn out. When it’s high, we are more resilient to outside disturbances and able to recover from illness or emotional trauma. 

P.S.: Martino writes much more about this in her book.

Here’s another way to understand it.  

In The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons writes:

“When we bring a crystal or stone into our electromagnetic field, two things occur.

First, the electromagnetic frequencies carried by that stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our own energy field through the physical law of resonance, creating a third, larger field of vibration.

Your nervous system is attuned to these shifts in energy and will transmit this information to your brain, where the frequencies stimulate biochemical shifts that affect the physical body, […] and shift brain function […].”

Fasinating :-)

German studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation from crystals has a positive effect on our biophotons by increasing their power.

*What is a biophoton?

A biophoton is a spontaneous emission of ultraweak light emanating from all living systems, including humans.

When crystals are placed on or near us, our energy fields and biology actually change.

 Shungite therefore transforms artificial electromagnetic fields into waveforms more compatible with our human biology.


    I have been using Carbon Living's Complete Daily Routine every day for 1 year.

    I saw a difference (and people close to me too :-) ) all over my face.

    I love the cleansing lotion and the invigorating toner which give me a boost in the morning, they are really refreshing.

    The 2 serums, the Absolute C60 and the Life Serum deeply moisturize my skin and make it more elastic.

    I love the Cream Duo in the summer season and the Avocado & C60 in the winter season, they hydrate me and my wrinkles are now less deep.

    - Gaetane Veilleux, Quebec, Canada

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  • Energy

    I love my OYO bracelet trilogy! I like it because it is discreet to wear, beautiful and gives me all the benefits of carbon 60 for the whole day. 

    I work in an office and I am almost all day in front of a screen. Since I've been wearing them, my days have ended in style, because I no longer have headaches.

    They stabilize the electromagnetic rate that my body has to manage during my day. I recommend them to everyone.

    - Anita Huser, Quebec, Canada

    Click here 

    Before, when I meditated, I often lacked focus and grounding and had difficulty staying connected and aligned.

    Since I meditate with my C60 Sphere Duo, my meditations are more effective.

    My Duo Sphere helps me:

    **Stay connected longer **Feel a grounding effect **Feel deep and sustained energy.

    - Nadia Belisle, Quebec, Canada

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    I bought the Harmonizer Duo and immediately noticed a difference in the quality of my sleep.

    I hold them in my hands for a few minutes before bed and that's enough to bring me more restful sleep. I wake up in the morning and I feel a difference in my energy. I love my Harmonizer Duo!

    - Nadia Dicaire, Quebec, Canada

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    I have tried many different creams in the past. Really, my skin is in perfect harmony with the Toning (morning) & Regenerating (evening) Cream Duo.

    I love the natural side and the feeling of freshness they provide. My sensitive skin is finally satisfied. THANKS!

    - Diane Martin, Quebec, Canada

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  • Energy

    From the day I brought her home, it was almost unbelievable. My sleep has been adjusted and improved as I could never have imagined. 

    I'm someone who has always needed more sleep than the average person. Since I got my Roca Peace (my big rock by its nickname), my body has harmonized and I now function very well with a few hours less sleep per night than before, in addition to feeling more rested in the morning! It's so nice to have energy and waking up earlier in the morning.

    - Lysanne Lanthier, Quebec, Canada

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How are Carbon Living skin care products different from other brands?

- All products contain C60, either as an infusion (C60 beads added to the products) or as a powder (an ingredient in the products) because it’s a powerful cellular regenerator Click here ;

- All products are designed by women, for women;

- All products are plant-based, organic and vegan (except for our Bath Milks {powdered milk} and Balms {beeswax});

- All products are made through an "intention ritual" of love and peace;

- All our skin care products are handmade in Quebec, Canada.

What are high-frequency products?

Have you ever heard the famous quote by Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”?

It pretty well sums up how we view life at Carbon Living and why we believe in what we do!  

We are electric and magnetic beings, producing natural electromagnetic waves that connect us to the Earth and nature around us.  

C60 vibration is powerful and helps the body to regenerate faster.

What is an EMF (electromagnetic field)?

Simply put, electromagnetic fields (EMF) or electromagnetic waves are invisible energy waves, also called “radiation.”  

These waves are created by the movement of electricity (in a circuit, an antenna, a light bulb), similar to the ripples created when you toss a pebble in a puddle of water. They can transport information but also energy.

Although invisible to the human eye, electromagnetic fields are present in our environment. There are two types of electromagnetic fields:

1) Natural electromagnetic fields (EMF) are emitted by the Earth, humans (our brain, our heart, etc.), animals, plants, stones and more. These waves are important for our body; some are even vital for human life. For example, sunlight is an electromagnetic radiation wave identical to that of radio waves, but from a natural source.

2) Artificial electromagnetic fields (AEMF) are created by humans but aren’t compatible with our biology. AEMFs include radio waves, infrared rays, light rays, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, microwaves, smart meters and electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, computers and wireless networks.

AEMFs are unstable and move around unpredictably. When they travel around, these waves hit our cells and continually prompt our immune system to activate its defence mechanism, creating constant stress in our body. This type of stress is an oxidizing source for our cells. When they are constantly exposed to this stress, it can be harmful to our overall health.

Animals and plants are also sensitive living beings affected by electromagnetic waves, even more so than humans. AEMFs can also have negative effects on their health.

What are the effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) on my health?

In our modern, technology-driven society, it’s nearly impossible to escape the massive exposure to AEMFs, whether at home, work, school or in public places.  

The waves produced artificially by technology release digital toxins (free radicals) that interfere with the EMFs naturally produced by the human body. These interferences can disrupt and modify the activity of cells that normally contribute to the proper functioning of our body, which can weaken our immune system and create oxidative stress (like rust on a car).

Unlike ionizing radiation, which causes damage by heating tissue, low-intensity radiation in the radio frequency and microwave part of the spectrum causes harmful effects on the body without raising the body temperature. According to EMF expert Martin L. Pall, PhD, these frequencies “stress” cellular proteins in human cells, which may be the cause for their many harmful effects such as inflammation, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Click here

EMFs have been shown to cause severe mitochondrial dysfunction due to free-radical damage. 

Mitochondria are the small powerhouses inside our cells. 

Free-radical damage is linked to anxiety, dementia, autism, ADHD, cardiac arrhythmia, depression and infertility.  

Dr. Martin L. Pall of Washington State University has published articles on how electromagnetic fields damage plants, animals and humans.  

He determined that electromagnetic fields damage voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), allowing calcium to flood cells.  

This triggers a biochemical cascade, producing numerous free radicals that damage cell membranes and mitochondria, break DNA, speed up the aging process and increase the risk of chronic diseases. Click here

Chronic disease rates are skyrocketing. Since 1990, we have witnessed an explosion in autoimmune, neurological and metabolic diseases. Alzheimer’s disease has increased by 299%, depression by 280%, and chronic fatigue by a staggering 11,027%. Many experts believe that mitochondrial damage caused by EMFs is a major factor. Click here

On a low or medium scale, oxidative stress causes the denaturation (or oxidation) of many elements in our body, including proteins, lipids and sugars. This denaturation is what causes the “rusting” of tissues, muscles, arteries, as well as nerve and brain cells. This oxidation occurs naturally and plays a role in the aging process. However, external substances, such as cigarette smoke, AEMFs, pesticides and ozone, can also cause the massive formation of free radicals in the body, lead to premature aging and have negative effects on our health.

Chronic disease rates are skyrocketing. Since XNUMX, we have witnessed an explosion in autoimmune, neurological and metabolic diseases. Alzheimer’s disease has increased by XNUMX%, depression by XNUMX%, and chronic fatigue by a staggering XNUMX%. Many experts believe that mitochondrial damage caused by EMFs is a major factor.

In short, these impacts can affect our energy, attention and concentration levels, our sleep quality, the aging of our cells, including skin, our stress level, and our ability to ground ourselves in the present. This can happen at any age! It’s especially worrisome for infants and children.

How can C60 help my energy level?

The active ingredient in Carbon Living products is fullerene (also called “Carbon 60” or “CXNUMX”), a molecule that, by its composition, generates infinite electrons.

It’s more than a simple antioxidant; it’s a super antioxidant!  

With its shape, fullerene creates an internal vortex that attracts and absorbs free radicals produced by artificial electromagnetic waves, pollution, alcohol, etc.  

Fullerene neutralizes them and repeats this process infinitely, restoring improved cellular function.

The cells being thus freed from environmental toxins, allows for better optimization of the body's energy level.