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Boost your life with C60!

Roca Peace

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Le C60 in Roca is adaptogenic. It can therefore help you sleep better as well as ensure better concentration❤️

Each Roca Peace🪨 has been selected and painstakingly crafted to provide you with the best natural solution🌿 possible in order to purify and energize your environment.

Formed in nature, the Roca Peace🪨 is a shungite stone in which we find molecules of C60 natural (fullerenes)????

Le C60 is a surprising molecule for which its discovery earned 3 scientists the 1996 Nobel Prize.

The composition of the Roca Peace🪨 allows you to neutralize free radicals emitted, among other things, by electronic devices. This elegant stone thus creates a natural protective barrier that considerably weakens these harmful electromagnetic impulses for the human body.


"Thanks to its soccer ball shape -(football for our European friends)-, a fullerene (C60) natural attracts free radicals which end up sticking to it, covering its entire surface. Have some many free radicals side by side on a fullerene leads to their transformation into a neutral compound. A fullerene does not lose its molecular value and continues to attract more free radicals.''

In the field of lithotherapy, stones rich in carbon such as Roca Peace🪨 are considered to be integral part of creating a harmonious environment 😇 by drawing on calm and serenity🙏

In natural medicine, the carbon 60 is recognized as an extremely effective antioxidant.

🩶This Roca Peace🪨 contributes to:

????Promotes regenerating and restorative sleep💤

????Increases the vibration rate of the space in which it is located ☝️

????Adaptogen: So you get exactly what you need🙏

????Thanks to the calming that shungite (C60 in it) provides, it relieves stress and anxiety 

????Helps increase relaxation, calm and serenity of the body😌

????Centering aid and anchoring



La Roca Peace will help a more regenerative sleep during the night as well as a more sustained energy during the day. For what? Because the C60 acts like an adaptogen, so it gives you exactly what you need❤️

The Roca Peace also creates an invisible protective field against harmful radiation for a diameter of up to twenty feet (6 meters).

Cleaning & purifying

Your Roca Peace requires maintenance every three months. We suggest soaking your stone in water overnight, air-drying it, and then exposing it to the sun for several hours to recharge it.


Each Roca Peace weighs approximately 3 to 4 kilos. Sizes and colors may vary slightly from photo shown as each stone is one of a kind. Nature always offers unique works of art!

Roca Peace & essential oils

You can even add a few drops of essential oils on top of your stone and it will take care of diffusing the aromas in your office, living room or bedroom!

What is the C60 made for me?

What are the benefits of C60 natural for you :

  • Cellular regenerator
  • Increase theEnergy from the body
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Acts on your body like a adaptogen
  • Purifies, revitalizes & energizes water
  • Increase the vibratory rate
  • The molecule C60 (in shungite) sticks free radicals to its wall and transforms them into neutral compounds
  • Allows to'increase relaxation, calm and serenity of the body
  • Help with centering and anchoring
  • Amplifies and catalyzes everything that comes into contact with it
  • Promotes thehomeostasis different body systems
  • Thanks to the calming that shungite provides (C60 in this one), it helps to relieve stress
  • Acts powerfully on the root chakra
  • Revitalizes the body
  • Super antioxidant which gives electrons to infinity
  • Acts as much on the physical body them heterogeneous bodies
  • Neutralizes free radicals emitted, among other things, by electronic devices
  • 100% natural & compostable


In addition to balancing the energies around us and doing us good, she is just like you, beautiful and unique!

Customer Reviews

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Very beautiful piece and very appreciated for the benefits.

Decorative and effective object

As soon as I installed my Roca Peace in the center of my kitchen, I felt the soothing benefits. In addition, it is a beautiful decorative object!

Boost your life with C60!

Life is precious!

Live fully through a lifestyle C60!

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Why live a lifestyle C60 ?

Because I have already tried many other things!

I understand that I will age for the rest of my life, it is life after all.

However, it is essential for me to age in health and in the best version of myself.

So if the C60 can help me achieve this result: I'm IN!

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If it has potential, I want to try!

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What do I have to lose?

My health is what I hold most precious, because without it I cannot be at my best.

If a lifestyle C60 can help me optimize my health, I say YES!

After all, I'm worth it!