Are you passionate and you find yourself dreaming often?

Are health and consciousness important to you? Do you want to make a difference for the people around you?

We are looking for passionate humans with special talents who want to make a difference for the people around them. Does that resonate with you? Write to us!

What is an Ambassador? What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is promoting a company's products and brand in exchange for a commission on each sale. If you're new to Affiliate Marketing, let's see how it works...

At Carbon Living, we are women "of heart" and we seek to make long-term partnerships with passionate people in order to promote our products. For us, each ambassador becomes an intrapreneur in the Carbon Living Circle, that is to say that each ambassador is considered as a full-fledged entrepreneur of the large Carbon Living family.

If you are interested, write to me and share with me your interest in our products. Once approved, start promoting your affiliate link on your social networks, on your website, in your newsletters, in your personalized emails and wherever you may share.

Talk about Carbon Living, make products videos, talk about the philosophy, organize events, in short, all means are good to make yourself known by promoting the products in your daily life.

A tip: don't try to sell at all costs. Focus instead on sharing, explaining, showing and trying out the products, they will then sell by themselves. Show how you use them, share your experiences, what it changes for you in your daily life and share your personal appreciations.

It's important to promote Carbon Living with your personalized link because it helps your customers be linked to you when they make purchases, earning you commissions then.

Once a month, when you have reached the minimum payout level, you will receive your commissions. At all times, you will have access to your personalized dashboard on which you will have all the transactions attributed to you thanks to your personalized Carbon Living link. Payment methods vary and include PayPal and bank transfers.

Your customers are important because they allow you to receive commissions. It is therefore essential to follow up and keep in touch with your customers. Without sales, there are no commissions to pay and no revenue to share.

The Ambassador markets to consumers through channels she deems appropriate, whether that be social media, events, daily videos, podcasts, digital billboards, or through a search engine. research using content marketing on a blog.

The consumer must know that he is part of an Affiliate Marketing program. Usually a short disclaimer like “If you buy items from this site, I may earn a commission. “

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Together let's make a difference in people's lives!


*Each Ambassador is required to sell at the MSRP advertised on the website*

The Circle of Conscious Carbons

Do you want to raise your consciousness through little things a little every day? 

The Circle of Conscious Carbons is for you!

For us, a Conscious Carbon is a human who wishes to rise in consciousness and in vibrations at different levels in his life.

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