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Boost your life with C60!

Elixir C60 ELITE

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Increase the hydration of each of your cells thanks to our Elixir C60 ELITE💎 

How to choose your type of Elixir?

Here are some points to help you make your decision.

Option 1: Elixir C60 ELITE

98% carbon organic (C60)

✨The highest grade rare, only 1% of all the shungite available on earth

✨Power of purification & energization +++

✨Come back between $12 to $22 per month (depending on the quantity chosen)

✨Cleans much easier on first use

Option 2: Elixir C60

50-70% carbon organic (C60)

✨Grade it more common (type 2 of C60)

Power of purification & energization +

Returns between $6 to $16 per month (depending on the quantity chosen)

Takes longer to clean when first used

The Elixir C60 ELITE is the ultimate ⚡ and 100% natural🌿 energy drink!

Elite type shungite (the C60 found naturally🍃 in this stone) is the rarest form💎 of this mineral. It is found in less than one percentof the total Shungite deposit.

She's there most effective and powerful form💪 for energizing⚡ and purifying water💧 The Elite grade contains +/- 98% carbon making it a popular natural source for water purification💧

By adding shungite stone, your drinking water becomes energized and energized which allows him toabsorb and neutralize contaminants such as pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, heavy metals, harmful organic compounds and chlorine.

By ingesting the Elixir C60 Elite💎, the effective water-soluble carbon atoms are absorbed by the body and act as powerful and long-lasting antioxidants.

Studies have demonstrated that in helping to scavenge free radicals in the body, C60 can contribute to:

🌟the longevity

????prevent mitochondrial dysfunction

????reduce inflammation and other arthritic pain

????support the immune system

????slow cognitive decline

The Elixir C60 Elite💎 natural🌿 can also benefit pets, be used in cooking or in your vegetable garden.

It is also a daily skin care agent, with active enzymes for smoothing and anti-wrinkle.

Click here to learn how to prepare your Elixir C60 ELITE for the first time Click here


immune april

First preparation

How to prepare your Elixir C60 :

1. The Elixir C60 easily prepares at home by rinsing and shaking the rocks C60 in a glass jar to remove the fine powder that covers the stones.

2. Place and disperse the stones in the water inside a rectangular glass dish (Pirex type) and place them under the sun's rays for a minimum of 48 hours. (2 full days)

*Note that it is usual for carbon residue to temporarily blacken your hands when handling. Simply wash your hands with mild soap.

3. Rinse the stones, they are ready to use.

4. Transfer them to a glass pitcher for exposure to natural light. Then add the recommended amount of water of 2-3L per 150 grams; 4-6 L for 300g of shungite stones. The water will then be loaded with fullerenes (C60), purified and biologically active (structured).

5. In order to allow air circulation, do not seal the jar tightly.

** Do you like it better on video? Click here

Cleaning & purifying

After a while, residue from the water builds up on the stones and so they need to be cleaned in order to restore their full purifying power.

Every month, clean and rinse the stones again and transfer them to a glass plate to recharge them in the sun. The carbon 60 stones are thus ready to be used for another month.

Remember to clean the inside of your jar before putting the carbon 60 stones back in.

Durée de vie

Shungite stones have a total effective cycle of twelve months when used to purify tap water, after which they must be replaced. We invite you to recycle used stones in an ecological way by adding them to your gardening soil, fruit trees or plants to give them a boost!

What is the C60 made for you?

What are the benefits of C60 natural for you :

  • Cellular regenerator
  • Increase theEnergy from the body
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Acts on your body like a adaptogen
  • Purifies, revitalizes & energizes water
  • Increase the vibratory rate
  • The molecule C60 (in shungite) sticks free radicals to its wall and transforms them into neutral compounds
  • Allows to'increase relaxation, calm and serenity of the body
  • Help with centering and anchoring
  • Amplifies and catalyzes everything that comes into contact with it
  • Promotes thehomeostasis different body systems
  • Thanks to the calming that shungite provides (C60 in this one), it helps to relieve stress
  • Acts powerfully on the root chakra
  • Revitalizes the body
  • Super antioxidant which gives electrons to infinity
  • Acts as much on the physical body them heterogeneous bodies
  • Neutralizes free radicals emitted, among other things, by electronic devices
  • 100% natural & compostable


In addition to doing us good, the Elixir C60 is simply a natural way to energize, mineralize, and purify your water.

Customer Reviews

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Marie Lise Godbout

I am happy to receive it, it is waiting for the sun, but I hope that these stones will have an effect on the blood because of the consequences of the vaccines

joel payer

Elixir C60 ELITE

Gaetane Avoine

I like it but the water has a slightly sweet taste even if it is very soft. It also makes you want to drink more


Simply energizing!

Boost your life with C60!

Life is precious!

Live fully through a lifestyle C60!

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Why decide to buy C60 and live a "C60 lifestyle"?

Because I have already tried many other things!

I understand that I will age for the rest of my life, it is life after all.

However, it is essential for me to age in health and in the best version of myself.

So if the C60 can help me: I'm IN!

Because I like to be the one who always comes up with new stuff!

I love suggesting new alternatives, new products, new ways of doing things to my friends!

My friends define me as the one who is always aware of the latest trends.

So if it's new and it resonates with me: I'm in!

Because I like to try new alternatives!

I love trying new products in order to always improve my quality of life, a little bit every day.

If it has potential, I want to try!

Because I have nothing to lose!

What do I have to lose?

My health is what I hold most precious, because without it I cannot be at my best.

If a lifestyle C60 can help me optimize my health, I say YES!

After all, I'm worth it!