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Boost your life with a C60 lifestyle!

Yoni Egg - 3cm

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According to many, the Yoni egg originated in China. In ancient Chinese medicine, it was common practice to use stones, crystals, herbs, in short, everything that Mother Nature could offer to humans. These ancient civilizations believed that crystals and gemstones were imbued with a distinct frequency with unique energetic and healing properties. We now know, thanks to scientists such as Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein, that they were right since everything is energy, frequencies and vibrations...

The Yoni egg is said to help diffuse healing energies into the reproductive space and provide a variety of health benefits. Here are a few :

  • Balances menstrual cycles
  • Promotes urinary and digestive health
  • Increases libido and orgasms
  • Soothes menstrual cramps
  • Strengthens vaginal muscles
  • Encourages power & creativity
  • Cleans the memories

Many also believe that the Yoni Egg helps balance hormones and soothe symptoms associated with PMS.

Since our Yoni egg C60 is made of carbon 60, it also promotes energization and grounding. When you experience it, pay attention to your body and feel the effects as the benefits are spiritual and physical.

On a physical level, inserting a Yoni Egg would cause your body to do an involuntary Kegel, strengthening the pelvic floor.

It's a group of muscles that support the vaginal floor, uterus, and rectum, says Lauren Streicher, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University.

A stronger pelvic floor is associated with:

  • More intense orgasm
  • Stronger internal grip during penetrative sex
  • Reduction of symptoms of incontinence
  • Risk reduction and/or treatment of uterine prolapse
  • Reduced risk of leakage and promotes healing after vaginal birth

Spiritually, thanks to its high vibration our Yoni egg C60 helps the woman to reconnect with her sacred feminine energy, to release blockages and traumas stuck in the energy centers of the lower body and to renew herself spiritually in her uterine space and in her heart.

Each woman wears something distinct and wonderful, our Yoni Egg C60 is a tool to allow each woman to fully embody and radiate her power!

Manual :

1- In consciousness, emit a clear intention before inserting the Yoni egg. Feel it in all your cells.

2- Insert our Yoni egg C60 in your vagina for a few minutes, a few hours or overnight, ideally every day.

** The duration is never the same from one woman to another, so it is important to be connected to your body. 

Dimensions and weight: 3cm / 26 grams

What is the C60 made for you?

What are the benefits of C60 natural for you :

  • Cellular regenerator
  • Increase theEnergy from the body
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Acts on your body like a adaptogen
  • Purifies, revitalizes & energizes water
  • Increase the vibratory rate
  • The molecule C60 (in shungite) sticks free radicals to its wall and transforms them into neutral compounds
  • Allows to'increase relaxation, calm and serenity of the body
  • Help with centering and anchoring
  • Amplifies and catalyzes everything that comes into contact with it
  • Promotes thehomeostasis different body systems
  • Thanks to the calming that shungite provides (C60 in this one), it helps to relieve stress
  • Acts powerfully on the root chakra
  • Revitalizes the body
  • Super antioxidant which gives electrons to infinity
  • Acts as much on the physical body them heterogeneous bodies
  • Neutralizes free radicals emitted, among other things, by electronic devices
  • 100% natural & compostable

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At Carbon Living we offer you the best of nature, because we believe that the best lies in it.

That's why we carefully choose all our ingredients and infuse them with C60 natural (contained in the shungite stone) in order to enhance its benefits.

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Why live a lifestyle C60 ?

Because I have already tried many other things!

I understand that I will age for the rest of my life, it is life after all. 

However, it is essential for me to age in health and in the best version of myself.

So if the C60 can help me achieve this result: I'm IN!

Because I like to be the one who always comes up with new stuff!

I love suggesting new alternatives, new products, new ways of doing things to my friends! 

My friends define me as the one who is always aware of the latest trends. 

So if it's new and I can do good around me: it resonates with me!

Because I like to try new alternatives!

I love trying new products in order to always improve my quality of life, a little bit every day.

If it has potential, I want to try!

Because I have nothing to lose!

What do I have to lose?

My health is what I hold most precious, because without it I cannot be at my best. 

If a lifestyle C60 can help me optimize my health, I say YES!

After all, I'm worth it!